Road trip to Lofoten, Norway

In the spring my boyfriend, cousin, uncle and I took a road trip through northern Sweden and Norway. We started in Umeå and our first stop was in Kiruna. Next day we carried on driving to Riksgränsen where we snowboarded for two days. Even thought it was May there was still half a meter of snow and around -5C so conditions were perfect. When our legs had had enough we started the drive to Lofoten and as soon as we got to the Norweigan border the mountains got much more dramatic. Everyone was stunned by the beauty and sat silently, the only thing you could hear were three Nikon cameras shooting away. 
We had some lovely days in Lofoten, t
he weather changed quickly which made the light very interesting, a dream for photographers. Norway is known for being expensive and it is, however the accommodation was really good value for money! 
Lofoten really is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I don't understand why so many Europeans travel to the other side of earth to see such dramatic scenery when Norway is right on their doorstep.